We help those who help

If you lead a nonprofit foundation or institution whose goal is social, cultural or environmental well-being, MasterBase® wants to help you.

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We believe that building a better world is everyone's task and we wanted to materialize this conviction with a concrete contribution: we allocate US $ 3 MM in MasterBase® services to sponsor foundations and organizations that contribute to that well-being.

This means that institutions that meet certain requirements may contract our services with a 95% discount.

We seek to be a support to your work and facilitate your processes and digital communications.

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We help with the best technology

Technology is the heart of the communications of our time. It provides access to knowledge and, more importantly, it establishes connections.

The foundations affiliated with our charity program have a preferential price of a 95% annual discount and unlimited access to our platform of:

With MasterBase® the foundations increase:


The number of benefactors
and their commitment


The efficiency of management
to achieve its mission


The frequency of

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If your organization is charitable, non-profit, recognized in your country and has no budget to
pay for MasterBase® technology services, you can apply for it and get a significant discount
for the use of our platform.

Each applicant must prove the legal personality of the organization, in accordance with the
legislation in force in the country in which it was constituted.

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Boost your communication program, increase
the commitment of your audience
and obtain more and more resources.
Make your nonprofit foundation a
connected organization.

Access cutting-edge digital technology

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Nonptofits who are in the program